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The First Class Letter Box
Here's a handy, highly saleable item that's not only attractive, but quick and easy to build, as well.

4: Use regular masking tape or High Adhesion, Double-Stick Tape to fasten a number of pieces together in preparation for “pad sawing”, where you cut a stack of several pieces at once to save time. If you're cutting outside shapes, you can use your Bandsaw and make your stack up to 5-1/2" thick. If you're cutting internal shapes (such as the heart cut-out in our example), use your Scroll Saw and keep your stacks under 2" thick. Pad sawing is just one more technique that will save you loads of time. Again, see the “Making Multiples” article for a full explanation of this technique.

5: Split your pad sawn pieces into 3" high stacks, in preparation for drilling and sanding. This is necessary because your Drum Sander and 1/4" Brad Point Drill Bit won't handle stacks of pieces that are higher than about 3".

6: Drill 1/4" holes in the sides (B) using a Brad Point Bit and a stop attached to your rip fence. You can use a small handscrew clamp , a block of wood attached to your Rip Fence, or a Flip-Up Rip Fence Stop to help you get all of your holes positioned identically in your pieces. Again, the “Making Multiples” article offers some alternative choices.

7: Sand the pieces using your Disc Sander (for straight edges) or your Drum Sander (for curved edges).

8: Separate your stacks of pieces and assemble with wood glue and small brads. Insert the 1/4" dowel into the sides (B) before attaching them to the back (A). Finish sand the project by hand, then apply the stain and sealer of your choice.

Suggested retail price: $15 to $20



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